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Introduction To Sell Your Home - by FARZAD ALAVI -DRE# 02160403 - Irvine, California

The largest investment most people make is their home. That makes selling a home - whether it's a single-family residence, duplex, or condominium - the single largest, most complex transaction a person will ever undertake. It involves new terms and concepts, financial acumen, and larger figures than normally dealt with.

There are also many emotions at play that can affect good judgment. Many sellers think, Surely, my home where I raised my children and made so many memories is worth more than the bricks and mortar it contains. Real estate transactions involve dozens of decisions and substantial investment in homeowners' time, energy, and money, and emotions almost always lead to problems in a sales price negotiation

The home seller's objective is to find that home shopper who cannot resist buying your house at the highest price. To do this, you need to offer potential buyers a striking home sales presentation that outshines other homes on the market. It requires making a fantastic first impression, creating for the buyers an instant feeling that they are traveling up the front walkway of their new home for the first time, not visiting someone else's. It's about falling in love at first sight, from the curb, in those initial seconds

Most sellers do not venture alone into selling their home. They find it better to have an experienced real estate professional with whom they are comfortable. This blog was written to provide some of that comfort without the direct sales stressors of person-to-person contact.

I want the prospective or active home seller to independently achieve a better understanding of the home-selling process. I've also provided actionable insight into how best to market your home, avoid critical mistakes, and maintain a proper focus.

Let this article be your go-to resource for information, strategies, and techniques that can be put to work to sell your home quickly at the best price. Take time looking through the blog and master the secrets of successful home sellers. For example, discover why comparable homes sell for considerably different prices.

Be ready to sell by knowing your home's market value, best listing price, negotiation tactics, and improvements that offer the best Return on Investment (ROI).

My sincere hope is that this blog will help you make the most of your time and efforts to sell your home. You'll learn the process and importance of preparing your house for sale is examined: how to present to get top offers, the "80/20 rule, along with which upgrades will make the most difference in ROI.

Also learn delves into marketing your home with a look at costly mistakes, avoiding those mistakes, and finding qualified buyers.

And, we examine the critical topic of negotiations - what to expect, and how to conduct them - and finish with a look at what engaging a real estate professional brings to your real estate sale transaction. After you learn the process, requirements, and tips, you will see that an experienced, financially astute real estate professional can vastly cut the time and raise the economic value of your transaction.

Reading this blog is your first step to selling your home for the best price in the shortest time. After you read it, you might want to talk with me. I stand by to assist you with a Comparative Market Analysis and a solid marketing plan to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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